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👋Hey I’m Matt - I’m a junior doctor/Entrepreneur/Content Creator

If you’re a medical student in the UK I have one piece of advice for you… do MORE alongside medicine.

A career in medicine in the UK is not like it once was. Doctors are striking, we’re overworked, underpaid and many of us feel undervalued. Speak to your doctors in hospital and tell me honestly. Are the majority happy?

You’ll hear lots of students and doctors are trying to find ways to do MORE alongside or instead of medicine. And we’re lucky - we’re in an age where networking, marketing, building and scaling is easier than ever before!

But its hard - studying takes up so much time, theres pressure to build a portfolio of research and CV points, and the landscape is über competitive!

Fortunately, it IS possible to study medicine smarter not harder and its IS possible to compound your time to make career options alongside or instead of medicine!

Why listen to me?

I’m from a working class background. I was the first in my family to go to med school and the first to go to uni at all actually. I had no medical mentors and I got rejected from medicine on my first try.

Fast forward to now and I am…

✅ A doctor
✅ Owner of a medical simulation startup in the VR space (ARCTERA)
✅ Scaled a non-profit organisation (BOMSA)
✅ Wrote 20 papers at medical school
✅ Ran 2x societies as president
✅ Have a growing following on social media (TikTok @dr_mattbarrett)

✅All while consistently ranking top of the year for 6 years over my undergrad (Biomedical sciences) and medicine.

…and now I also help medical students to unlock more time and supercharge their career options.


I was able to unlock more time by studying smarter and found plenty of time to do MORE alongside medicine - all while protecting myself from burnout and getting as much down-time as I wanted.

I’ve created 🧠MedEd Mondays to share these techniques with you - every week!

I want to help you to…

✅ Study smarter, not harder
✅ Enjoy more of uni life
✅ Supercharge your portfolio for if you want to stay in medicine
✅ Give clarity on alternative career options alongside or instead of medicine
✅ Give you more time to build a side hustle or find a part-time job alongside studying
✅ Create the career that YOU want

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See you around!

Dr Matt Barrett

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